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The Path of a Natural Family Birth

“Life is a path. On that path you might stumble and fall over a small rock, and possibly meet a warm person lending a helping hand. You will also find a small chair to catch your breathe. At the end of that path, you can find family.”

* Appointment Only Tailored medical care by individual's needs
Consultation Checking the mom’s and baby’s status

The family’s natural journey begins. Birth is the moment where the baby takes his first breaths and a new door called ‘parents’ open for the couple.

Prenatal Care Plan a Prenatal Care Schedule,
Proceeding with the minimum number of required tests
Meeting Your Doctor Create a Healthy Birth Plan

In Natural Birthing, the medical staff accurately conveys the meaning and significance of birth and through continuous communication, proceeds with the necessary tests according to medical standards and individual’s unique situation. By teaching the mother to start exercises that aid nutrition, relaxation, and breathing helps reduce the unknown fear and become a proper guide. Also, we discuss the birthing environment along with your midwife, thoroughly explain all the possibilities that may occur during childbirth and help prepare you for the immense change quickly approaching.

Prenatal Education Learning parenting along with your husband

To help promote health and natural birthing, MediFlower is running a Natural Birthing Class involving various techniques to help the birthing experience through natural means such as exercise, breathing, nutrition, and rehearsals. Also, through this education the couple gradually realizes that birth isn’t an experience for the mother alone, but natural progress of life the mother goes through with her husband.

Meeting your Midwife 1 on 1 Care and Consultation with your midwife (on your Birthing Journey)

A midwife is usually assigned to mothers who are about 30 weeks in their gestation. A midwife uses her extensive experience to safely lead the mother through the whole process of prenatal care, nutritional supplements, labor and birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

Labor and Birth Becoming the Center of a happy Natural Birth

Medi Flower’s Birthing Center is staffed by nurses and midwives 24 hours a day for postpartum and newborn care. For any questions please call your midwife.

Breastfeeding Developing a Bond by Breastfeeding after Birth

At Medi Flower, we have International Board of Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) and are running a breastfeeding clinic to facilitate the quick recovery of the mother and the healthy growth of the baby.

Newborn Care Checking in with your Baby’s Growth