Privacy Policy

Article 1 (Personal Information to be Collected)

MediFlower OB Gyn (hereafter referred to as MediFlower) collects only the minimal amount of personal information necessary to help provide the appropriate medical treatment and associated services. Select essential information for medical treatment may be collected without consent under Medical Laws. If you wish to receive additional services and medical history retention services, you must complete the "Medical Record and Personal Information Collection Consent Form" at the time of medical treatment. Even if you do not give consent, there is no disadvantage to the medical treatment you receive as a result.

- The personal information collected for medical purposes (consent not required): Name, resident registration number (or Alien Registration Code), phone number, address, E-mail, and more health-related information.
- Collection of personal information for additional services other than medical treatment: Name, registration number (Hospital Registration Code), phone number, address, and E-mail
- The personal information collected for the extended medical record preservation service: Name, resident registration number (or Alien Registration Code), Hospital Registration Code, phone number, address, E-mail, other health-related information.

Article 2 (Use of Collected Personal Information)

All information you provide will not be used for any purpose other than the purposes described below and if the purpose of use is to change additional consent will be requested.

- Medical Services: Diagnosis, Appointments, Test and Examination Results, Billing Medical Expenses, Issuing Certificates, and more.
- Additional Services beyond Diagnosis: Appointment Notifications, Notices, and more
- Extended Medical Record Preservation Service: preservation of information for continuous care after the legally recommended retention period.

Article 3 (Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information)

MediFlower processes and retains your personal information, which is generally up to five (5) days after the purpose of the collected has been accomplished or you have indicated your intention to withdraw your consent to do so. However, if relevant laws and policies, including the following, mandate a specific retention period, the information shall be held in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

- Collected Personal information and medical records for medical purposes can be preserved up to 10 years(Medical Law)
Also, in the following specified processes your personal information may be preserved for a specified amount of time.

① We will notify members in advance about the retention period of their personal information, and will keep your personal information only if the original retention period has not elapsed or we have received separate consent for an extended period from the individual.
② Even if the purpose of collection is achieved, we may retain personal information in accordance with medial laws and regulations if considered necessary.

Article 4 (Sharing Collected Personal Information)

① Medi-flower uses personal information according to Article 2 (Use of Collected Personal Information), and does not use it beyond the agreed purposes such as providing it to other personnel, other companies, or other organization. However, exceptions may exist for cases where the individual has given consent or one of the following cases apply.
1) When necessary for statistical analysis, academic research, or market research, the information may be altered into an unidentifiable anonymous form for a specific individual and provided to a third party such as a research organization, survey, or institute.
2) When special regulations are presented from laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act, Financial Real Name Transaction and Confidentiality Protection Act, Credit Information Use and Protection Act, Medical Law, Medical Benefit Act, National Health Insurance Act, Statistical Law, Consumer Protection Act, Criminal Procedure Law, and more the information may be presented.
3) If there is a special provision in the law or it is inevitable to comply with statutory obligations ("If there is a special provision in the law", even if an administrative office or an investigation agency asks for administrative or investigative purposes the information will only be provided when the officer's seal is affixed to the seal in writing and more proper procedures have been followed).
4) When the individual or its legal representative is in a state where he / she is unable to give his / her intention to do so, or is unable to provide prior consent due to an unknown address, and more, the information is only shared to a third person if the act is certainly for the life, health, and well-being of the individual or the third party.

② If your personal information are to be provided for purposes other than those for which you have previously consented for, you will be notified through telephone or written communication beforehand to obtain consent.

③ The individual always retains the right to not not agree with the sharing of personal information to any third party and may withdraw it at any time.

Article 5 (Entrustment of Personal Information)

MediFlower treats the collection of personal information and certain tasks as [Appendix 1]. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, MediFlower discloses only the necessary information so that personal information can be safely managed . The preservation and usage personal information by the insitute of interest is valid until the termination of the consent contract, which can be subject to change according to relevant laws and regulations. The details of the entrusted institutes and personnel are as stated in [Appendix 1].

Article 6 (The Rights and Duties of Legal Representatives)

① The patient (subject of information) has the right to view or modify his / her registered personal information on the medical record by completing the necessary 'reading / copy application' or the 'medical record correction application' forms. However, documents required by relevant laws such as the medical laws or personal information protection laws must be provided and may be rejected when not submitted properly.
② If you wish to view or correct your personal information, you must submit the complete application form and the necessary documents in person or through a delegate. After receiving such documents, MediFlower will review and process it according to relevant laws and regulations and notify you on the results.
③ MediFlower collects the minimum information, such as the name and contact information, alongside the consent of the legal guardian of the child who is under 14 years old and who can not properly communicate for health reasons. Therefore, we require the consent of a legal guardian. The subject of information and legal guardian can contact MediFlower by telephone, E-mail, etc. regarding personal information, and MediFlower will take the necessary actions without delay.

※ Personal information that is required by law to keep can not be modified or deleted during the time period it is to be stored even if requested.

Article 7 (Revocation of Consent & Destruction of Personal Information)

① You may at any time withdraw your consent to the collection, use, and provision of personal information when you are receiving treatment. To withdraw your consent you should contact the person in charge of personal information protection or the management department by telephone, E-mail, etc., and take the appropriate measures to withdraw personal information consent after confirming your identity.
② MediFlower retains your collected personal information for the "processing and retention period of your personal information." Medi-flower shall destroy the personal information within 5 days from the day when the personal information is deemed to be unnecessary unless there is a legitimate reason. If the information is provided to a third party, we will also instruct the third party to destroy it.
③ When MediFlower permanently deletes an electronic file containing personal information, we use a method so it can not be restored.

Article 8 (Personal Information Officer)

MediFlower has an officer in charge of privacy protection in order to do our best to protect personal information. If you have any questions regarding personal information, please contact the officer or the management department below. We will do our best to check the issue you pointed out and correct it immediately.

Personal Information Officer
- Name : Peter H. Chung
- Affiliation : MediFlower OB/Gyn
- Position : Head Doctor
- Phone Number : 02-548-9400

Personal Information Management Department
- Affiliation : MediFlower Administration Department
- Phone Number : 02-548-9400

Article 9 (Privacy Safeguard Measures)

MediFlower takes the following technological and administrative measures to ensure the safety of personal information from being lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged.

① Technological and Physical Measures

1) Personal information is protected by a password. When storing or transmitting personal information, such data context are either securely encrypted or protected by a separate security function using the file lock function (Lock).

2) We are taking measures to prevent damage from computer viruses by installing security programs such as antivirus programs. If a virus suddenly emerges in the short intervals as the antivirus programs are automatically updating, we restart the antivirus program as soon as it is available to prevent personal information from being compromised.

3) In order to any exposure of personal information by hacking or any similar methods, the system is installed in an area with limited outside access, and a barrier is installed to prevent any physical intrusion, and the CCTV is installed to monitor the area for 24 hours.

② Administrative Measures

1) MediFlower has established internal protocols for the safe management and access to personal information and also have multiple measures to ensure that employees are aware and comply with the set standards.

2) MediFlower limits the number of persons who can handle personal information to a minimum, manages the access rights of the select individuals, and further educates the employees to ensure compliance with the standards and policies. The person handling personal information is as follows.
- Those who work directly and indirectly with the individuals providing personal information.
- Those in charge of personal information management and personal information protection such as personal information officer and personal information manager.
- Those who inevitably require access to such documents during the course of business.

3) MediFlower implements multiple measures to prevent unwanted access to records, forgery and alteration in order to prevent and appropriately respond to personal information infringement accidents. 4) When new employees are hired, they sign a personal information protection and security agreement to prevent the leakage of information (including personal information) by employees, to remind the obligation of protecting personal information, and to confirm compliance to such controversial internal procedures.

5) In the case when MediFlower entrusts the processing of the personal information to another public agency or other specialized agency and the person who engaged in the work shares personal information without authorization or provides such information for unapproved usage, the consigning department established necessary restrictions and procedures which are to be regulated by the consignment department with spontaneous checkups.

Article 10 (Contacts for privacy rights infringement)

If you want to report or consult about MediFlower’s personal information officer or management department or report or consult about a case of privacy infringement please contact the following organizations.

Korea Internet Promotion Agency (Privacy Infringement Reporting Center)
- Homepage :
- Phone Number : 118, 02-405-5118

Korea Information Promotion Agency (Privacy Protection Support Center)
- Homepage :
- Phone Number : 02-2131-0111

National Police Cyber Terror Division
- Homepage :
- Phone Number : 1566-0112, 02-392-0330

Article 11 (Change of Privacy Collection Policy)

The current Privacy Policy is subject to change time to time due to changes in government policy or security technology. If there is any addition, deletion or modification of the contents, we will notify you in an accessible place such as the website's 'notice' section.

[Appendix 1] (Entrusting Personal Information)

Trustee : (co) E-Health (이헬스)
Consigned Service Details: Care Program Maintenance
Consigned Information : Name, Residential Number (Alien Registration Code), Contact
Retention Period : Until the end of the contact.

Trustee : (co) Saybebe (세이베베)
Consigned Service Detail : Fetal Video Service
Consigned Information : Name, Hospital Code
Retention Period : Until the end of that contract.

Trustee : (co) IEView (아이뷰)
Consigned Service Detail : Providing the Ultrasound Program
Consigned information : Name, Hospital Code
Retention Period : Until the end of that contract.

Trustee : SCL
Consigned Service Detail : Lab Request
Consigned Information : Name, Residential Number (Alien Registration Code), Hospital Code
Retention Period : Until the end of that contract.