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Amanda’s Four Freedoms

  • 1. Let me eat and drink when I want during labor
  • 2. Let me move around whenever I want
  • 3. Let’s patiently wait for the baby to come out whenever he wants
  • 4. Let me stay with my baby

※ These four freedoms proposed by a Canadian Mother, Amanda Lenore Butterworth, are the basic principles of Medi Flower.

MediFlower’s 3 Birth Principles

A Natural Birthing Clinic should continuously observe, study, hypothesize, and establish theories to provide an environment in which mothers can safely give birth. Above all, you need to accumulate significant experience to practice.

Principles of Medical Treatment

(1) Role of the Medical Staff : Rather than taking numerous preventive medical measures, we should watch as the mother attempts to give birth on her own, but quickly and safely step in if any complications should arise.

(2) Medical Intervention : Opting away from medical interventions such as IV’s, enemas, internal examinations, anesthesia, and oxytocin, we wait for the baby to come out into the world whenever he is ready.

(3) Subject of Choice : We always keep in mind that the subject of birth is the mother and the child, so before any medical treatment, a thorough sufficient explanation is provided to the family to understand. In every medical decision, we always make sure that the opinion of the family comes first.

Principles of Birth Environment

(1) Breastfeeding : The mother and baby stays together to develop a significant attachment as the mother learns how to properly breastfeed from a professional.* Medi Flower is recognized as a “Baby-Friendly Hospital” by UNICEF

(2) Respect and Warmth : Instead of the usual cold uncomfortable delivery room and stirrups full of unfamiliar commotion, Medi Flower provides a warm home-like environment full of respect and support. By encouraging skin-to-skin contact between the mother and the baby immediately after birth, a closer bond is formed between the two.

Principles of Prenatal Care

(1) Prenatal Education : We have a minimum of 8 hours worth of class including understanding natural birth and labor to prepare for a true family birth. Through the education and preparation, you will have a better understanding of the mysteries in the human body and continue on to conditionally train for labor and birth.

(2) Prenatal Care : For a healthy pregnancy, birth, and even postpartum care, we utilize a customizable MB-ICS program involving midwives, sonographers, and obstetricians until even after birth.