• Obstetrics

“Medi Flower's Integrated Medical Treatment System(MB-ICS) systematically cares for the mother's health and baby's growth, focusing on center figures of birth, the baby, mother and family. We will discuss all the steps throughout the childbirth process with you, and provide you with the proper guidance to help you prepare for the changed life.”

Prenatal Care

An unprepared birth is the most dangerous type of birth. To ensure a safe birth for the mother and the baby, Medi Flower systematically screens and manages any risk factors during pregnancy. During this process, the couple should tend to the health of the baby and mother, and optimize their eating, breathing and exercising lifestyle habits in preparation for childbirth.

If any risk factors are found during prenatal care, we will discuss the safest pregnancy and delivery methods based on the medical knowledge and clinical experience of national and international Obstetrics and Gynecology societies and relevant papers.In addition, Medi Flower readily prepares the best medical technology to protect the mother and baby's life in case of any emergency.

Postpartum Care

A methodical postpartum care is essential for a mother's body, which has undergone significant changes over a period of ten months waiting for her baby, to return to her original state. At Medi Flower, numerous professionals work closely together to help mothers have a stable postpartum recovery and adapt to new life. The mother gradually learns about the baby with warm caring support from her peers, positively welcomes the change of life, and joyfully prepares for the days to come with her baby.

Time to Get to Know the Baby

Time to Heal the Mother

Check if the body including the uterus, breast, joints, and bladder are slowly returning to their previous state prior to the pregnancy. Constantly checking in on and paying attention to the mother’s condition throughout the 6 to 8 weeks it normally takes to recover her body.

  • Ultrasound

    Make sure that the uterus and ovaries are recovering to their previous state and that there are no residual placenta.

  • Gynecology Checkup

    Restart regular gynecological checkups including PAP smears.

  • Thyroid, Anemia Checkup

    Check hormone levels through blood tests, and check for Anemia through hemoglobin levels.

  • Perineal Wound Care

    Check any wounded or sutured sites due to stress or damage during childbirth.

  • C-Section Wound Care

    Remove any surgical sutures and check if the wound is recovering normally.

  • Postpartum Depression

    With the help of emotional care and support, and hormonal therapy alleviate any presented symptoms.