• Newborn Care

Many Childbirth specialists and Child Development Psychologists agree that the method of birth and the formation of the bond after birth both have a significant effect throughout the baby’s life.

At our Medi Flower Newborn Clinic, we encourage naturally born babies to be breastfed for 100 days and to grow healthy in the arms of his parents. Also during this period, simple tests, vaccinations, and jaundice treatment are performed when appropriate.

Important Characteristics

With an ICS(Integrated Care System) treatment should go beyond the medical diagnosis and prescription of the medication, and more to look at each patient’ life as a whole and ultimately maintain his health.

  • Newborn Testing

    Soon after birth, we screen for genetic and metabolic diseases and conduct basic blood tests.

  • Newborn Jaundice

    After a simple blood test to check Jaundice levels, it is determined if the baby can stay with the parent’s room if in-patient care is necessary. During the baby’s stay, medical staff and doctors will treat the jaundice with phototherapy and help the mother with breastfeeding consultation.

  • Circumcision

    This is an optional procedure to be considered after the baby regains its initial birth weight after approximately 2 weeks. It is a relatively simple operation that normally does not require follow-up or inpatient care. After consulting the doctor, local anesthesia is applied to area to undergo surgery, and the operation is done usually accompanied by the guardian.

  • Hearing Test

    Newborn hearing screening is conducted to screen for early diagnosis and treatment of congenital hearing loss. Medi Flower audiometry is an Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR) method that evaluates the hearing of newborns through the brainstem. This allows accurate and rapid test results without feeding sleeping pills to newborns.