“The impacts of childbirth are not limited to oneself, but extends to family and neighbors, and even to future generations to come. Sometimes a birth can involve a whole society, nation, or even an era. Childbirth is also spiritual since it should be seen not as one moment of life, but one lifetime as a whole”

MB-ICSMother & Baby - Integrated Care System

  • A patient is viewed as a person’s life rather than an objective disease.
  • A patient is the final deciding body for all medical decisions.
  • We support nutrition, physical fitness, quality of life, and stress management.
  • In case health complications arise, adept medical staff and an extended network with larger and more specialized institutes are ready to take any appropriate measure.

※ What is the ICS (Integrated Care System)? The ICS is the medical system Medi Flower utilizes to help individuals recover their health and previous livelihood.

MB-ICSis the philosophy and method of natural birth that

manages the health of mother and baby in an integrated manner.

Mothers and babies are not the targets of medical care that needs to be managed separately,

but the smallest unit of care that starts with one life and family.

Therefore, it is MB-ICS that the care needed in the process of giving birth should be

the ‘well-being care’ where the life and the family start.

  • 1 By well being pregnant

    A healthy pregnancy is the basis for a united family. At Medi Flower the mother has a healthy pregnancy through the attentive management of nutrition, diet, and exercise. In addition, to facilitate a safe birth we also prepare experienced medical staff on standby.

  • 2 By well birthing in the family

    The pain from childbirth isn’t a ‘pain’ to moderate or treat, but is meaningful ‘labor’. Through the beautiful efforts in preparation for the new life, parents can restore broken relationships and/or self-esteem from the past. At Medi Flower we provide comprehensive communication and care appropriate to the mother and family in our care.

  • 3 By well nursing & well nurturing

    Breastfeeding creates an irreplaceable bond between the mother and the baby. That affectionate bond created at this time will continue to have positive influences on the baby throughout his lifetime. The mother learns about babies from a doctor and gains confidence regarding childcare.


Why should MB-ICS be

the ultimate direction of childbirth?

The baby and mother are two lives in one body, and birth is a special transitional moment of separation. The care of birth has to encompass the whole period of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Departmentalized modern medicine is limited to understand this unique period of time. Medical intervention is important when it’s needed and should be used timely, along with nursing and midwifery care. To achieve this, all births must be managed individually, and standardized, routine medical services are difficult to care for with respect to the individuality of each life. For this reason, it is essential to care based on the concept of MB-ICS for healthy labor, childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding that understand the health of each family from an integrated viewpoint.