• International Clinic

Medi Flower’s International Clinic provides foreigners with a safe birthing environment and quality service. Especially with foreigners, we value privacy and warmth to minimize the inconvenience, awkwardness, and difficulty communicating many foreigners already experience from living in an unfamiliar area.

  • English Service

    All Medical Services are also provided in English. Whenever communication is difficult you may request for our translation service.

  • International Insurance

    We help foreign patients with foreign insurance or International SOS process through insurance claims. If you would like Medi Flower to directly bill insurance, please bring Guarantee of Payment (GOP) from your insurance. We can continue to help with the administrative aspects of insurance even after your doctor appointment. For more information click here.

  • English Documentation

    All medical documents such as diagnosis, medical certificates, immunization confirmations, birth certificates and flight letters are all available in English. If needed please contact our International Clinic.

“As I had my first child in Japan, I experienced using foreign insurance and communicating with local moms; as a result, I share a deep understanding with the foreigners who come by MediFlower. When living overseas, I was grateful for the hospitals that cared for me and wondered how I could pass on the same care I enjoyed. To give back what I once received. Birth is special. It’s hard to forget any help received. For a mother, that memory lasts forever and I want to return the kind of help I kindly received as well. Mothers don’t come with diseases but rather with a gift, so playing our roles as friends and facilitating a comfortable Natural Birth is of focus.” International Clinic Manager - Haylie Nam