• gynecology

A woman's body and mind experience various changes throughout her life. Medi Flower gynecologists go beyond professionally examining the physical changes that appear in each stage to helping women’s mental health by preparing them for the accompanying emotional changes as well.


  • The First Check-Up

    Female adolescents experience abrupt physical and emotional changes before and after their menarche (first menstruation cycle). Medi Flower's 'First Check-Up' supports the development of young women through menstrual period consultations, and HPV vaccinations to help them take one step closer towards a healthy woman.[Tests]· HPV Vaccination· Ultrasound (Uterus)

  • Cervical Cancer Check-Ups

    Regular check ups are very important because cervical cancer has a high cure rate when diagnosed early. To prevent cervical cancer, Pap smears and HPV tests should be simultaneously continued to detect any changes or change inducing substance. Medi Flower is an institute conducting free Pap smears under the Korean National Insurance.
    [Tests]· Pap Smear (*If you are eligible to free Pap smear by Korean National Insurance, please let us know.)· HPV

  • Menopause Check-Ups

    The Menopause is another turning point in a woman's life and is often called the second puberty. As such, we shouldn't think of it as a stage of aging, but should accept it as a natural change of life and be wisely prepared to see it through. Medi Flower helps women manage their overall health by performing both physical and hormonal tests on women during their menopause.
    [Tests]· Menopause Hormone Check UP

  • Vaginal Health Check-Ups

    To maintain a healthy vaginal environment, the condition of the vaginal epithelial (outermost) layer, the distribution of beneficial bacteria such as lactobacilli, the proper secretion of female hormones and a functioning immune system are essential. Medi Flower keeps certain standards to examine the vaginal environment of individuals and promote vaginal health. In addition, by checking the lifestyle of each individual, the immune system is strengthened and the recurrence of chronic vaginitis can be prevented.
    [Tests]· Gram Stain· Yeast Infection Test (STD12)

  • Sexual Health Check-Ups

    Medi Flower evaluates the individual's risk of Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD) and helps prevent, diagnose and treat STDs. Lasting infections can result in further complications such as pelvic infections and cervical dysplasia (abnormal cervical cells). Therefore, if you are a woman who may be exposed to these risks, it is recommended to have regular check-ups from a credible and accessible medical staffs.
    [Tests]· STD12· AIDS· VDRL


A woman's body changes significantly according to her stage in the life cycle. As such, we need a holistic and continuous approach rather than a one-time, temporary treatment. At Medi Flower, specialized medical staff treat gynecological diseases with the latest medical technology, abundant experience, and from a MB-ICS perspective.

  • Abnormal Pap Smear

    If a pap smear shows abnormal cells, a gynecologist will re-confirm the diagnosis of the symptoms through a detailed colposcopy. If necessary a biopsy is performed as the appropriate treatment and medication is prescribed along with regular follow-up appointments.[Procedure] · Colposcopy· Biopsy· LEEP

  • Uterine Myoma Clinic

    Medical procedures such as the laparoscopic surgery, myomectomy or myolysis prevent the recurrence of myoma and alleviate the symptoms as the uterus and ovaries' functions are preserved and kept healthy.[Procedure]· Myomectomy· Laparoscopic· Myolysis

  • Uterine Disease Clinic

    Medi Flower carefully diagnoses Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and other various uterine diseases, and treats them specifically with sufficient discussion.

  • Urinary Disorders and Conditions

    Urinary incontinence and disorders vary widely in type and symptoms according to the individual. Furthermore, in some cases, a patient may present not only physical problems, but also symptoms caused by underlying psychological issues, whom we provide with the appropriate treatment including subsequent individual consultations. At Medi Flower, the cause of urinary incontinence can be consulted and if necessary, a urodynamic study may be conducted to determine the cause and appropriate treatment procedure.

  • Breast / Thyroid Clinic

    If any abnormal findings are found in the breast or thyroid gland during the regular examination, a breast specialist will perform a biopsy to diagnose cancer. For those patients who require special medical attention and treatment.[Test]· Breast Ultrasound· Thyroid Ultrasound· Biopsy

  • Ovary Clinic

    Medi Flower also diagnoses ovarian-related diseases such as ovarian follicles, tumors, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and more to continue and carry out the appropriate treatment.

  • Menstrual Disorders and Pain

    For menstrual cycle irregularities or severe menstrual cramps, Medi Flower accurately diagnoses and identifies possible lifestyle habits that may cause the symptoms and provides the appropriate treatment.

Pregnancy Preparation

Planning Pregnancy

For a healthy pregnancy and birth, re-examining the physical and emotional state of the couple before pregnancy is a necessary step for preparation. When all of the following conditions are met, healthy men and women can expect a healthy pregnancy within a year.

  • Improving your Lifestyle

    In order to plant good seeds in a good field, the parents must have physically healthy bodies. Couples who are preparing for pregnancy will look back at and reflect on each other's health through physical examinations.
    [Tests] (Female) Blood + Urine + Ultrasound / (Male) Blood + Urine

  • Improving your Diet

    You should check first whether you have a lifestyle habit that may interfere with your pregnancy. Out of the many details, it is important to look at whether you are eating healthy,in the best nutritional state, or in an unsafe environment.

Repeated Miscarriages

For women who have experienced multiple miscarriages, pregnancy alone can be a challenging and frustrating task. Sometimes, they blame themselves for the misfortune and spend a difficult time. If a couple trying for children has experienced more than three miscarriages, it is important to conduct detailed tests, identify the precise cause of the miscarriage, and work on improving the next pregnancy.

  • Autoimmune Disorders

    Immunological tests are conducted to determine if any abnormality exists, and if necessary, the immune system can be managed by antibody drug therapy.
    [Test] Blood Test

  • Parental Chromosomal Abnormalities

    The chromosomal abnormality is reconfirmed through a fetal genetic test. If necessary, Medi Flower additionally tests the couple's DNA for the likelihood of genetic disease.
    [Test] Genetic Carrier Screening Test

  • Uterine Abnormality / Disease

    An ultrasound is used to detect any uterine-related disease. If necessary, a Hysterosalpingography is performed to help identifying and correcting any physical anomalies.

  • Bacterial Infections

    Blood and bacterial tests are conducted to check for any possibility of a bacterial infection.

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Thyroid Disorders, Diabetes

    Ultrasound and blood tests are conducted to confirm the diagnosis, and then the appropriate treatment is prescribed.

  • Alcohol, Smoking, and Other Exposure to Toxins

    Re-evaluate lifestyle habits together and find ways of improvement.


Even if there seems to be no clinical problem, if the couple is unable to become pregnant for more than a year they are considered subfertile. Subfertility isn't the same condition as infertility where pregnancy is considered improbable, but a condition where becoming pregnancy is a possibility with the help of determined efforts and guided help. Medi Flower's Subfertility Clinic analyzes a multitude of potential causes and helps couples achieve their wanted pregnancy.


  • Are there any abnormalities in the sperm?
  • With the proper relations does the sperm successfully reach the ovaries?
  • Is ovulation regularly occurring at the right periods?
  • Are there any endocrine, genital or pelvic cavity diseases?
  • Is the uterus lining in an suitable state for proper fertilization?
  • Are there any obstructions leading up to the fallopian tubes?
  • Are there any diseases in the cervix?


  • Diet - The consumption of healthy food and a balanced nutritional status are checked through a controlled diet.
  • Lifestyle - Sleeping, alcohol, and smoking habits are improved upon and their relationship is re-evaluated.
  • Ultrasounds - The health status of the uterus, and periodic ovulation are checked.
  • Blood Tests - Hormone imbalance causes ex) Pituitary Hormone / Female Hormone
  • Male Tests - Sperm test (sperm motility, sperm count) / Urology Check-up.
  • Other Tests - Other causes are checked through procedures including the basal metabolic rate, endoscopy, laparoscopy, and breast & thyroid screening.
  • Optional Tests - Ovulation Induction Therapy, Artificial Insemination, and In Vitro Fertilization


Contraception method varies according to the individual's life, job, breastfeeding status, diabetes, obesity, smoking, epilepsy, marital status, pregnancy plans, and disease. Medi Flower provides personalized contraception and family planning methods through sufficient discussion and communication.