Help with Insurance and medical service from Medi Flower


Q1. I have Korean National Insurance

First of all, we need your ARC (Alien Registration Card) to check you eligibility on Korean National Insurance. Once we confirm your insurance status, we are able to process the payment based on your insurance status.

Q2. I’m pregnant. What does Korean National Insurance cover for pregnancy and birth?

If you are pregnant, NHIS (National Health Insurance Service) provides 500,000 KRW worth of voucher for prenatal and birth. Once we confirm your pregnancy through an ultrasound, we will issue a pregnancy confirmation letter. With the letter, you can apply for the voucher card at designated bank or post office. Also, NHIS supports a part of co-payment during prenatal visits.

Q3. I want to do gynecology health check up. Does Korean National Insurance cover for the check up?

NHIS offers cervical cancer (Pap Smear) check up every two years for women who are over 20 years old. Also, if you have previous history of abnormal pap smear within 1 year, NHIS will cover partial amount of repeated follow up Pap Smear and HPV. If you are not eligible for the Pap smear or no history of abnormality but you want to get general check up, NHIS will not cover for check ups.

Q4. I have private insurance. Does Medi Flower arrange direct payment with my insurance company?

Only for birth visit. As long as you have GOP (Guarantee of Payment) or Letter of Authorization (LOA) from your insurance company, we will arrange direct payment for your prenatal care and birth. If you would like Medi Flower to arrange the payment, please ask GOP from the insurance company and send it to our email at clinic.mediflower@gmail.com. If your visit is for gynecology check up or if you are Tricare holder, we will provide itemized medical receipt so that you can claim for the reimbursement.


Q1. I’m interested in getting an IUD. I would like to know the procedure.

Regarding IUD insertion, we would like you to have a consultation with a doctor prior to the procedure and talk about IUD is whether a proper method for you.
1) After the consultation with the doctor, the doctor usually gives a medication that will help to soften your cervix in order to insert IUD easily. You need to take the medication 6 hours prior to insertion. Also, we recommend you to come during your third or fourth day of your period.
2) We usually ask you to follow up about one month after the procedure. In the case of copper IUD, we ask you to come once your period begins. However, if you have any kinds of side effects afterward, you can always come and see the doctor and address the issue.

Q2. I’m interested in getting an Implanon. I would like to know the procedure.

Regarding implanon, we would like you to have a consultation with a doctor prior to the procedure and talk about whether Implanon is a proper method for you.
1) After the consultation with the doctor, we will apply localized cream to numb the area.
2) The procedure will be completed within 30 minutes.
3) We usually ask you to follow up one month after the procedure. However, if you have any kinds of side effects, you can always come and see the doctor.


Q1. What documents are needed in order to transfer to Medi Flower from the other hospital?

You should bring prenatal care results (blood tests) and chromosomal test results from the previous hospital.

Q2. Is birth at Medi Flower possible even if my home is located far away from the clinic?

If the parents understand and are educated on the principles of natural labor and birth, it is completely fine to live 3-4 hours away from the clinic. However, for the psychological state for the parents and the need for a quick judgment, this type of decision may not be easy. Therefore, nearing birth, they may stay in urban area, at a relative’s place, or in a nearby accommodation center until the labor begins before admission to the birthing center.

Q3. What happens if labor is processed too quickly at home or inside the transportation vehicle on the way to the birthing center, and the baby comes out?

If the baby comes out because you thought it wasn’t the time yet will mean that the cervix is completely open and the baby is strong enough to come out of the canal by him/herself. Most babies that undergo this process are usually very healthy and cause no serious condition to the mother’s body. However, it can cause confusion to the parents as they would not know how to handle such situations. They must calm down and remember the steps they were taught during education, and usually everything will turn out fine. The most important factor in such situation is that as the amniotic fluid dries, it may cause decrease in body temperature of the baby. Therefore dry the baby with a clean towel and wrap him/her with a different towel or clothing to keep the baby warm. The placenta may or may not come out right away, and if possible do not cut the umbilical cord at home but visit the hospital to cut it in a sanitized environment.

Q4. Is natural birth dangerous? How do you cope with emergency situations that can arise during and after the birth?

The most important factor of a healthy pregnancy and birth is a thorough and systematic prenatal care. We need to see whether the mother will be capable of undergoing a safe birth prenatally, and usually mothers who have been deemed fit underwent labor and birth with no problems. However, mothers with toxemia, placenta praevia, and other complications and infections are judged to be at high risk; therefore, these symptoms must be treated during prenatal care to prepare for a smooth birth. The role of physicians practicing natural birth can be compared to those of lifeguards or fire fighters. Lifeguards do not prohibit children from swimming because of the risk of drowning, but they watch over and go immediately in the water to rescue from danger only when there is an emergency. Also, fire fighters are extensively trained and are always in the state of precaution so that when there is a fire, they can go in and contain the situation right away. Similarly, it should be required that physicians who practice natural birth never stop preparing to medically treat arising problems rather than treating them before they even happen. Based on the experiences, there are many moments where modern medical technology is not the answer to everything. Knowledge can change overtime and needs to be inspected periodically. It is a useful tool only if used wisely. Natural birth is a scientifically proven healthy and favorable method of birth. Physicians in the environment of natural birth will never stop researching, observing, and setting theoretical situations to approach the matter. Most importantly, they must stack professional experiences regarding the subject.

Q5. What happens if I undergo Cesarean section?

Cesarean section is a surgical method to take out the baby if the mother had prenatal conditions or there are signs of difficulty delivering the baby vaginally. Even if the mother tried her best in delivering the baby naturally, due to uncontrollable circumstances or emergency situations, she must undergo surgery. In this case, Medi Flower’s physician provide sufficient education and information to the mother and her family regarding the steps taken for such procedure. If the mother thoroughly understand the birth and its meanings and underwent natural labor that led to surgery, it can still be considered nature-centered birth. It is not important whether she underwent surgery or delivered vaginally. If the baby is unseparated and allowed to spend pure bonding time, that is enough. The surgery will take place at Medi Flower and by our physicians.

Q6. What happens if my baby needs emergency treatment?

In case baby needs further examination or emergency treatment, we will send the baby to one of our affiliated hospitals with referral letter for smooth transfer.


Q1. I’m a new patient. What should I prepare prior to the visit?

Please bring your ID. Also, please fill out the new patient registration form*(download) prior to your visit, if you would like to save some waiting time.

Q2. I’m outside of Korea. I would like to get my test results and medical records through an email or fax. What is the procedure?

All documents handled in the clinic contain extremely personal information of the patient. For this reason, we are under strict Medical and Privacy Law compliance guidelines that dictate how we handle and share patient’s medical information. Also, there is a charge for production of medical records which is based on the size of the record. Therefore, if you would like us to release your medical information, please complete authorization form and complete the payment. For more information and downloadable form, please check here.

Q3. What forms of payment are accepted?

Medi Flower accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and bank transfer.