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Mirena IUD
2018-09-06 01:51
I heard that this hospital has the Mirena IUD and was wondering how does the procedure work? Also how much it would cost without insurance? And is there English services provided? an American international insurance but I’m not quite sure if it covers it. Also, does it stop periods and period cramps? My mother has it and she hasn’t had her period in over 15 years or any cramps, and she’s only 45. Thank you for your help and have a wonderful day.
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  • 2018-09-06 09:23
    Dear Silva,

    Thank you for contacting Medi Flower.

    Regarding IUD insertion, we would like you to have a consultation with a doctor prior to the procedure and talk about IUD is a proper method for you.

    Mirena is likely to reduce period cramps and manage heavy flow. If you are inserting for managing purpose, the doctor will explain more in details.

    Regarding the cost, I will give you estimated costs. The costs might be varied depending on your actual medical treatment.

    Mirena, hormonal one, will cost around 400,000 KRW.
    Additionally, ultrasound for guiding the location is 60,000 KRW.

    If you have a private insurance, you should check the coverage and benefits with your insurance company.
    We will provide itemized bill or necessary documents for the claim and reimbursement.

    If you have more question or concern, please feel free to let us know. If you need to schedule an appointment, please see doctors' schedule here: and let us know when you would like to visit us.

    Thank you.

    Stella Chung