• Characteristics

Main Characteristics

“We provide the family with the definition of Natural Birthing, and help them realize the true meaning of birth. We will fully discuss all steps and processes of the way and support you as you start preparing for the next big step”

  • Midwifery Care

    Natural birth is not only about the birth itself but it is about complete care from prenatal to breastfeeding to neonatal care. For this reason, Medi Flower has midwife hands on care system that one midwife becomes responsible for one mother, taking care of her from 30 weeks of gestation to postpartum. The midwife will be mother’s medical and emotional advisor.

  • No Neonatal Unit

    With birth just around the corner, the question to ask isn’t “How to deliver the baby” it should be “How can the mother and child be together”. At Medi Flower, we prioritize the rooming-in between mothers and babies to develop a strong loving relationship usually through breastfeeding.

  • Appropriate time for Medical Assistance

    In case of emergencies or complications, experienced medical staff and extensive hospital connections are always on standby to help you transfer.

  • Doula

    Labor and Birthing is much like a marathon, so likewise having a companion to support and encourage you throughout this experience makes having a happy easier birth much more likely. At Medi Flower one family of midwives, doulas, and doctors help you towards a peaceful birth.

  • Childbirth Class

    When the couple starts actively taking the class and preparing for their newborn, at that moment, the couple becomes the subject of Natural Birthing. At Medi Flower, 8 hours of childbirth class is available. If you would like to have a childbirth class at Medi Flower, please contact our international clinic staff.

Other Characteristic

  • Systematic Prenatal Care

    Through a monthly check-up schedule individualized for every patient, the Medi Flower team helps you prepare for the safest, happiest, and best first birth.

  • Home away from Home

    In a private space similar to your house, you are free to eat, drink, or move whenever you wish during your labor. We don’t really move right after birth as we receive proper care for next so focus on the baby and never hesitate to come back.

  • A Participating Father

    If a father joins the path of pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, the couple enhances their understanding for each other’s needs and gratitude, and are able to restart their life with more understanding and sympathy. At Medi Flower we recommend that fathers take part in every part of the pregnancy, child, and postpartum.