• Belief

The Message of Nature Centered Birth

Nature is an important value of Medi Flower. Everyone may be created uniquely, but everyone was a child at one point; we were given life as a gift from our parents and entered the world as a precious life. Each with different appearances, our lives appear most natural and meaningful when they cross paths with other unique individuals.Medi Flower supports Nature Centered Birth as part of our philosophy to greet and respect all life in the very state that we come to encounter it. This philosophy and methodology revolving around preserving the natural aspect justifies the term “Natural Birthing”.Nature Centered Birth is the base foundation for the establishment of Medi Flower, and all staff members share this spiritual and mental framework which guides us closer to our envisioned future.

Birth, and Beyond

Looking at One Life We do not go against the nature of life. By preserving the natural process in which a life is born, we provide this opportunity back to the mother and child as an option.

A Lifetime Approaches We believe that the birth of a life and the natural beginning of a relationship between a mother and child is of utmost importance, changing all individuals involved throughout the process.

Nature Centered Birth will be our principle, foundation, and framework until Natural Birthing is adopted as a global culture, and we will be doing our best to connect hospitals, medical personnel, and those who aid them all with the values and philosophy of natural birthing as their foundation.Through our joint efforts with such institutes we will be able to achieve a happier family and thus society.

  • Value

The Value of Nature Centered Birth

Every life born on this planet is precious. Everybody has the right to enjoy a happy and healthy life while forming diverse relationships in a domestic and social environment.Through Nature Centered Birth you realize the true nature of life. As parents you once again deeply recognize the significance of the birth of life and relationships in life, prompting you to re-establish relationships with your family and friends. This is the goal and the value of Nature Centered Birth.





  • 1 Life Respecting Life, Adapting to the Birth of Life

    Everything born into this world has a purpose. We believe that it is the role of the parents and the true meaning of love to accept the nature of life and the meaning of life for how it came to us. A baby who takes his first breaths after entering the world through the method he chose. We practice respecting life so they can be born as babies who can be safe and be well loved without violence.

  • 2 Relationships The Baby, The Mother, A Family-Centered Birth

    Childbirth is a very important opportunity not only for the baby but also for the family who will be an integral part in the process of pregnancy and birth. For the couple, it will be an opportunity to look back and re-evaluate their surroundings to determine a new way of life. Natural Birthing is a valuable time for the baby, parents, medical staff, and others to experience a time of inner healing.

  • 3 Unity The Start of a New Unity

    By following the natural birth method given to us by God, we start a new sensation of unity as the baby receives emotional support and love from his parents, greatly enhancing the baby’s ability to form bonds. A peaceful birth and a warm embracement is the best gift the parents can provide to a baby within the first hour of his life. Unity and relationships are important nutrients in a baby’s life to create other relationships.

  • 4 Recovery The Birth of a Family

    The rebirth of a family is natural birthing's greatest benefit, crucial value, and ultimate goal. Couples who journeyed through pregnancy and childbirth together will become strong supports for each other and gain a new appreciation for family. A better society results from having comfortable and happy families and we all will experience great joy through it.